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Order Kathy Sadler's book today and help CDA and MADD!

This book is in memory of Heather Sadler, an insulin-dependent young woman with diabetes, who was struck down in an alcohol-related hit and run crash. According to MADD Canada, approximately four people are killed and 175 injured daily in drunk-driving crashes. Author Kathy Sadler insists, “We do not want impaired drivers on the road! We do not want them to put their keys into the car’s ignition!” This is where Kathy says the idea for this book came from. Although one may wish impaired drivers would lose their car keys—or have some thoughtful person take them away—the rest of us don’t like losing ours. Although not funny at the time, the retelling of the many incredible stories about this very situation often becomes quite humorous! Ms. Sadler hopes readers will enjoy this collection about lost and found car keys.

Proceeds from this publication, under author Kathy Sadler’s instruction, will be divided evenly between MADD Canada and the Canadian Diabetes Association.

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